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First Class Mass Mailer


The First Class Mass Mailer Application can send out a single FirstClass EMail to Several Recipients.

Each recipient will receive a Personalised email (directly addressed to them) coming from you, a chosen conference (eg admissions@uco.ac.uk) or an alternative email address.  It has a Mail Merge function that supports up to 23 fields.

The process involves creating a FirstClass Document (which can be copied from a Word Document into FirstClass Mailer) and merging it with a list of Recipients’ Email Addresses (and other related fields) stored in either a .csv file, the FirstClass Directory or your FirstClass Contact Database

In order to use Mass Mailer you must first have access to the FirstClass Mass Mailer Conference on your FirstClass Client Desktop. When FirstClass Mass Mailer starts for the first time, it creates a My Mass Mailer Templates  conference on your Desktop where  you can create your own message templates, other FirstClass Mass Mailer users have NO access to this area.

If you think you have a need to use FirstClass Mass Mailer please email ICT Support to request access to this Conference.
Create Mail Message

First create a Word document containing the text of your message.

You can personalise the mailing by using the following (case-sensitive) Keywords (field names) in your Mail Shot Template. There are 23 Keywords available:


For example:


In the example above, the VAR_FULLNAME keyword (field name) has been typed into the Word Document.

When sent from FirstClass the message will appear as:


Create Mail Shot Template

  • Open FirstClass Client
  • Open My Mass Mailer Templates Conference on your Desktop
  • Select File, New, New Document
  • Select a Blank Document and click OK
  • Copy & Paste contents of your Word Document into this Document
Name Mail Shot Template

  • Click on Save & Close and give file a Name
  • Check that your Document is now listed within My Mass Mailer Templates Conference on your Desktop. Other FirstClass Mass Mailer users have NO ACCESS to this area.
  • Right Click on Document Name and select Properties ……..
  • Enter a Subject for Document and click OK
Include Attachments

  • If you wish to send Attachments with your Mass Mail Shot, then attach them directly to your Template. Open appropriate Template, select File, Attach and Browse for required file(s).
  • Personalised Files may be sent as Attachments to each Recipient.  Personalised Files should be uploaded to YOUR OWN Personalised Files folder, WITHIN the My Mass Mailer Templates Conference on your Desktop. VAR_FILE is a special variable which can be used to refer to the Personalised File to be attached to the Merged Message.
Create Recipient List

  • Create an Excel Worksheet containing appropriate recipient data - you DON’T NEED TO include column headings.
  • Note that Worksheet MUST contain at least Full Name (VAR_FULLNAME) AND Email Address (VAR_EMAIL) data.
  • Save the Worksheet as a .csv file
Use FirstClass Mass Mailer

Once you have created your Mail Shot Template, you can start the application by double-clicking on the Mass Mailer Application icon in the FirstClass Mass Mailer Conference.

The first window of the FirstClass Mass Mailer Wizard will open:


The Wizard consists of several stages:

  • Load Recipients
  • Field Mapping
  • Select Recipients
  • Check Message Content
  • Set Send Options
  • Review Settings
  • Create Test Message
  • Broadcast Final Message
Click on Next to progress to the next step of the Wizard where you can upload Recipients from a .csv File, retrieve them from the FirstClass Directory or from your Contact Database in FirstClass:


Load Recipients
From File
  • Open Windows Explorer and locate .csv file containing Mass Mailer data
  • Drag and Drop .csv file into Mass Mailer Drop Box:

From FirstClass Directory or Contact List
  • Select Source and Load Recipients
Field Mapping

  • Click on Next and set required fields by choosing which FirstClass Mass Mailer Field Name will match EACH field in your .csv file:

Select Recipients

  • Click on Next and Select - All, None or Double Click to Select/Deselect:


Check Message Content

Click on Next, untick List Shared Email Templates and select appropriate Email Message Template from Mass Mailer Document list within My Mass Mailer Templates Conference on your Desktop to view message content:


  • Enter Message Subject as  required
Set Send Options
  • Click on Next and set Send Options (specify Originator of Mail Shot, Format of Message Content,  Copy and Broadcast options)
  • Review Settings and Create Test Message
  • Click on Next to Review Settings and then click Test Message to Send a Test Message to your Personal MailBox with mail merge variables replaced by details of first recipient in list. It is ESSENTIAL to check this as Messages CANNOT be Unsent.
Broadcast Final Message

  • Click on Start to send Message to ALL RECIPIENTS - you will be prompted to Confirm this Action
  • You will automatically receive a message containing a Status Report of your Mass Mail shot. Check ALL messages have been sent


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