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First Class Client: Obtain, Install and Setup

FirstClass is the UCO's main means of communication with students and staff concerning day-to-day organisation and for information that is of immediate or short-term, relevance.  FirstClass provides electronic noticeboard facilities to all staff and students.  This permits notices relevant to specific groups to be posted electronically, and for these to be flagged up to users as soon as they login to FirstClass. FirstClass can be accessed via a variety of methods:  two different web interfaces, different interfaces for iPhone and iPad, a different interface for Android devices and via the Firstlass (full) Client program itself, which can be installed on Macs, PCs or Linux computers.  It is the FirstClass (full) Client program that gives you access to the most features of FirstClass.

If you are employed by the UCO or are enrolled to undertake a course that lasts for more than one year it is strongly recommended that you follow the instructions below for installing the FirstClass (full) Client program on your home computer(s).  Further information about FirstClass (including how to get the App for your phone etc and links to tutorials) is available from the FirstClass Help link (see links on the right of this current page).

All UCO computers already have the FirstClass (full) Client program installed.  It is the program with an icon like this:  07052014_103448_0.png

If you do not have the FirstClass (full) Client program and need to acquire it to install on a PC, Mac or Linux computer then first of all download it from link below:


Please use the video tutorial below on how to install and set up FirstClass.

Please use the following link for a step by step guide (with screenshots) on how to install and set up FirstClass:

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