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FirstClass is a suite of collaboration tools (supporting chat, instant messaging, forums, blogs, wikis and email) that enables teamwork, improves communication, and can make people and information easily accessible from any mobile or desktop device.  FirstClass enables you to be always in touch.

When you initially login to FirstClass it takes you to the FirstClass Desktop.  It is important not to confuse your FirstClass Desktop with your FirstClass Mailbox.  FirstClass uses the analogy of a Desktop to place shortcuts to FirstClass Apps, forums and folders onto a virtual Desktop.  One such App is the Mailbox. Viewing the Desktop as a list indiscriminately and confusingly mixes Apps with Forums and Folders.  It is therefore recommended that you view your Desktop as Icons.

FirstClass pre-orders communication into Conferences or Forums.  This has the advantage that all Emails about a particular type of activity are located in the same container and are not mixed up with dozens of other Emails about all sorts of random subjects - as occurs in a user Mailbox.
The FirstClass Desktop that a student sees varies depending upon which course he/she is doing, and upon which year of that course the student is currently on.  For example,  if a student is in the first year of their mix mode course then their FirstClass Client Desktop will be as follows:


In common with all FirstClass Desktops, FirstClass organizes the Desktop such that the Apps (or tools) offered by FirstClass are positioned above and to the left of the mauve-coloured UCO-logo background picture.  For the majority of student users, the only one of these Apps that they would regularly refer to is the top left corner one: My Mailbox.  
The UCO - created Conferences (or Forums, or Electronic Noticeboards) appear inside the mauve-coloured UCO-logo background picture.  It is these that contain the UCO-created content and so it is these to which users should frequently refer to get the latest information.  A red flag against a container signals that a new message has arrived.

All students are assigned the following containers:

UCO News                        -       for notices affecting ( or of interest to ) everyone at the UCO
Institutional Calendar  -       the official School calendar showing Committees
Vacancies                       -       for notices about  job vacancies
Student News            -       for notices of relevance to the whole student body
Student Voice           -       for students to voice their concerns about the UCO
Current Research                -       for information about recent research that is published
Student Forum           -       a forum for all students to use to share and discuss

Containers specific to FT Year 1 students are: FT Yr1 Notices ( the electronic noticeboard for FT Year 1 ) and FT2013 ( a forum for FT1 students to use to share information and/or to discuss ideas.  FT Yr1 Notices is also the location (on FirstClass) of the FT Yr1 Timetable Calendars.  In the case of students in other years, or on other courses, these last two containers will be named appropriate to the particular year or course that student is currently on.

Please use the following link for further information:

        FirstClass Desktop

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