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FirstClass Clients for Mobiles

New Mobile App: FirstClass GO
There is now a new mobile app for both Apple and Android devices.  
This new app is called "FirstClass GO" and is available now from the app stores.  FirstClass GO supersedes the previous mobile app referred to be below, and should be used in preference to the older mobile app.
When using FirstClass GO, the server address to specify, when asked, is:     https://fcws.bso.ac.uk

Apple devices
FirstClass Mobile for iOS 11.2.9 is available now for download from the Apple App Store. Either visit the Apple web site at www.apple.com/iphone/appstore and download the application into iTunes, or tap the App Store icon on your iOS device to download it directly.  The App is called "FirstClass Mobile".
FirstClass Mobile for iOS 11.2.9, is for iPhone®, iPod® touch, and iPad™ users. The built in supported languages are US English, UK English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese.
When using FirstClass Mobile, the server address to specify, when asked, is:    intranet.bso.ac.uk
With FirstClass Mobile, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users can use their iOS device to access:

* Mail
* Conferences
* FirstClass Documents & Stored Files

Android devices

Following upon recent upgrades to FirstClass software at the UCO, it is now possible for Android users to access their FirstClass email via devices based upon this software.  Please see the following for how to go about this:

How to Obtain and Configure FirstClass Mobile for your Android Device:

You will need to enter this server address when asked, if using FirstClass Mobile:

How to use FirstClass on an Android device:

Note:  The UCO does not support use of FirstClass "community items".

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