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Accessing Anatomy TV

The BSO now offers a service which enables students to access the most accurate and 3D view of the human anatomy online.

There are two ways of accessing Anatomy TV either from when you are logged into a BSO networked computer, or when you are not;  both involve going through our Virtual Learning Environment: BONE.

If you're accessing Anatomy TV from the BSO or the BSO clinic, when logged into the BSO network, then you just have to follow this link: Anatomy TV.  Once logged in just click on the Anatomy TV link on your dashboard and you will be able to use it.

To access Anatomy TV when you are not at the BSO, or when using your own device at the BSO, you need first to login to the BSO network. You can do this by downloading and setting up a program which allows you to log into the BSO network via your own device.   This program is called VMWare Horizon Client.  You only need to download and setup this program once;  it is then available for you to use whenever you need to use it again.  Once you're logged into the BSO network using VMWare Horizon Client then open Internet Explorer and go to the BONE webpage, log in and you can access Anatomy TV.

Please click on the link below to download VMWare Horizon Client which lets you access Anatomy TV from home:

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